Michael Connolly   

BSc (Physics)  

BA (Philosophy)  MA (Theology)

  MEd (Leadership in Education)

Prior to joining Cranmore as Headmaster in 2006, Michael Connolly enjoyed twelve years’ of successful experience as Headmaster at his previous school and had a rich and varied journey in education within several senior schools.

Moving south from his native Glasgow, he taught first in Surrey and then undertook various roles across the country including Head of Physics and Housemaster.  In addition he worked overseas for British Aerospace as a lecturer for the Royal Saudi Air Force. Surrey is now very much home where Michael lives with his wife, Shelagh, who also works at Cranmore.

A highly experienced School Inspector, he serves on the Board of several national and local educational bodies and regularly writes articles for leading publications.  He is passionate about education and has recently submitted a dissertation for a research degree in Philosophy.

Michael appreciates the enormous privilege of leading one of the country’s most flourishing preparatory schools.  Cranmore reflects Michael’s vision of education: high academic standards, exceptional opportunities in sport and music, a diverse extra-curricular programme, and a commitment to nurturing pupils’ social skills and moral values. 

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