Main School Fees

Our standard tuition fees, payable on or before the first day of each term, are as follows:

Calendar year 2019:

Senior Department: £5,100/ term

Junior Department: £4,275 / term

These Tuition fees include games, lunches, stationery, swimming, after school clubs (other than those run by peripatetic external staff and the late class club) and the use of books. Annual personal accident insurance, which also provides cover during the holidays, is also included. The school's insurance does not, however, cover the loss of your child's clothing and other personal effects which parents may wish to consider insuring separately.

Your invoice for fees will comprise the appropriate tuition fees from the tariffs above plus, where applicable, itemised billing for use of the morning mini-bus services (a guaranteed place on a bus irrespective of daily usage), charges for school trips and any other charges - for example entry fees to Common Entrance examinations.

Extra-curricular activities, instrumental tuition, tennis coaching etc are payable directly to the individual teacher(s) concerned.

Fee reductions

Reductions are available as follows:

(i) Sibling discount - a 5 per cent fee remission is allowed on the tuition fees of any pupil who has an older sibling in the school.

(ii) The local authority ‘Early Years Free Entitlement’, which is calculated termly according to the number of sessions attended, for those over three and under five years old at the beginning of a term.

Fees in lieu of notice

If you intend to withdraw your child from the School one complete term’s notice in writing addressed to the Headmaster and received by him must be given in advance of the proposed withdrawal and before the first day of your child’s final term at the School. In default of such notice you will be liable to pay a full term’s fees in lieu of notice.

Payment terms

All fees are payable in advance of the term to which they relate and cleared funds for the amount invoiced must be in the School’s account by noon on the first day of term (the “due date”).


It should also be noted that:

  • The School will not under any circumstances accept cash payment of fees.
  • Any fees not paid by the due date shall be subject to interest at the rate of 3% above the base rate from time to time published by Lloyds Bank.

The Deposit

Once your child has been offered a firm place (there is an entrance test for children aged 6+ years), a deposit of £750 is payable as a condition of your formal acceptance of a place for your child at the School.

Our entrance tests normally take place in the Christmas term before the September in which you would like your child to start at the School, but can also be arranged – provided we have vacancies – to suit special circumstances of parents unexpectedly, e.g. for job reasons, arriving in our part of Surrey in the middle of a school year.

The deposit forms part of the general funds of the School until it is returned without interest and net of any fees due and owing within four weeks after the end of your child’s final term at the School. The deposit will not be refunded, however, if you do not take up a place once you have accepted it.

Cranmore Nursery Fees


Please note that these terms and conditions are supplemental to the Cranmore School General Terms & Conditions (as detailed elsewhere on the website). Where there is conflict between the two, then these Supplementary Conditions shall apply.

The Deposit

After your son / daughter has been offered a firm place, a deposit of £750 is payable as a condition of formal acceptance of a place at Cranmore Nursery.

Cranmore Nursery is intended for children who go on to become pupils in the Main School. No part of the deposit will be refunded (save in exceptional circumstances) if your child does not continue into the Main School.

Notice (and fees in lieu)

Should you wish to withdraw your child from Cranmore Nursery, you will be required to submit written notice - addressed to Michael Connolly, the Headmaster - of not less than two complete terms for term-time only attendance or six clear months for all-year-round attendance. In default of such notice you will be liable to pay two full terms’ (six months for all year round attendance) fees in lieu of notice.

Opening Times

Cranmore Nursery is open all year except bank holidays and the following dates:

Inset day                Monday 3rd September 2018

Christmas Closure 6pm Friday 21st December 2018 - re-opening at 8am on Wednesday 2nd January 2019

Arrival and Departure times

Cranmore Nursery is open from 8am each morning. Strict ratios of children to adults must be adhered to and as a result a charge will be made for children that are collected after their pick-up time. The charge is £5 for every 15 minutes, or part thereof.



B.  FEES 2017 /18

There are two fee tariffs: TERM-TIME ONLY and YEAR-ROUND. Under either tariff, fees are inclusive of:

  • Lunches and teas as shown on the tariff selected
  • Nappies, wipes and creams
  • Activities that are based on site, eg cookery, music and sport including swimming.

Term - time only tariff (payable termly in advance):

No. of sessions

per week


8 am -1pm

Short Days

8 am - 3.15pm

Full Days

8 am - 6 pm

  £ per term
1 £510 £660 £865
2 £1,020 £1,320 £1,730
3 £1,530 £1,980 £2,595
4 £2,040 £2,640 £3,460
5 £2,550 £3,300 £4,325

Year round only tariff (payable monthly in advance):

No. of sessions

per week


8 am - 1 pm

Full Days

8 am - 6 pm

  £ per month
1 £180 £360
2 £360 £720
3 £540 £1,080
4 £720 £1,440
5 £900 £1,800

Additional sessions will be invoiced termly in arrears as follows:

Full Day £90 Morning £45
Afternoon £45 Half afternoon £22.50


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